DI.Mag. Barbora Vavro Gruber

Portrait and Family Photographer

Passion in the heart , peaceful in the mind , a spark in the eyes, fire in the body , the commitment to follow the path of fulfilled dreams.

Feeling in my fingers, attentive glance, artistic sense, give me the opportunity capture every important moments and unique atmosphere.

Breathe a soul into a lifeless things. That's power of photography. Give oneself only to one activity, is not in my nature.

"Every day is a new picture in your memory." I bring my pertinacious within every aspect of my life.


Pavol Vavro

Events and Commercial Photographer




I am a communicative and open minded person with ability to interact and to innovate. I appreciate direct feedback and clear and fair working environment. I attach great importance to good cooperation and partnership.

I am seeking for agreement, generating commitment for all involved parties. On the strength of past experience I develop potential within the personnel as this is the foundation for company’s future growth, professional appearance and effective operations.

Within my line of work I like to understand all coherences and consequences to be able to provide competent guidance and decisions on complex topics and issues.

I am a quick learner experienced in various branches and areas being a capable and reliable asset to every organization.